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Founded in 1989, 3DS is an American based company that provides custom software development services. Over the past thirty years, they’ve been developing a platform based and custom solutions to midsized and large companies all over the United States. Wallmart, E-bay, IBM all use ScienceSoft packages for performing their daily operations. There are currently recognized with two Gold Microsoft Competencies for application development.

Gold Microsoft Competencies for application development.
The epicenter of their client operations is headquartered in McKinney, Texas, but they also do European business from their office in Vantaa, Finland. Many of their technological experts are stationed in South-East Asia and Eastern Europe. Process automation, mobility, and cloud functionality are in the prime focus of this company.

Things We Do

These are the most common applications of our software


Banking and Finance

We provide Customer Relationship Management for banks with a minimum of 7 clients. Mobile banking solutions and information security projects are also the areas where we continue to excel.



Our business intelligence solutions can be found in almost 200 health centers around the US.



Two and a half million people using E-bays e-commerce services rely on the modules developed by our company.


Telecoms in both Europe and Asia use our information security projects.

Public sector

Civil registry on a national scale for European Union countries. Our mobile document management solutions are used in many state parliaments.

So you’re probably asking yourself

Why Choose Us

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We have a staggering 100 percent project delivery rate, and we attribute it to these factors:

– Ability to work with projects that have a large scale and level of detail

– We tend to stay within budget, thanks to our realistic estimation process

– Effective resource allocation is something we don’t take for granted

– We make sure our communication with the Customer goes smoothly

– Quality assurance experts guarantee your application will run as intended

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