Banking is one the most lucrative business industries on the planet. With a zillion accounts, customers, and functions, it is no easy task for banks and other financial institutions alike to manage all things properly. This is where the software steps in.


There are literally hundreds of banking applications on the market these days, and all of them have the same primary goal – fulfilling the needs of various financial organizations. Knowing the complete set of features of a specific package is particularly important when it comes to purchasing banking software.

Below is a list of software most commonly used by customers worldwide.

Cleartouch is a web-based banking software that enables companies to manage their business through a single dashboard. It comes with a set of powerful analytic tools that let banks know the actual performance of their business. It allows the staff department to process customer information, transactions, and accounts. All work is done online, through a user-friendly interface.

Celerity Celerity – Many world leading banks and enterprises have this software on their hard drives. It’s a complete solution for credit cards management, payment information, and lending processes. It gives banking organizations speed and delivers a smooth customer experience.

Core Banking is a complete banking software solution. Platform is perfect for all sorts of financial organizations, especially the large ones. A bank seeking to maximize growth and increase productivity should look no further.

Cloud Banking is a cloud operated software providing innovative and profitable deployment models. It saves money by cutting down the often enormous cost of managing complex stationary systems.

FusionBanking – helps banks familiarize with the needs of retail and commercial customers, by incorporating the latest technologies. Its job is to increase customer value, and it does that by helping banks follow the latest financial trends on the market, and forcing them to update their operations accordingly.

FinnOne Neo – is an all-around solution aimed at providing banking organizations risk assessment and crucial decision-making assistance. Some of the more popular products in the suite go by the name of Customer Acquisition System ( CAS ), Loan Management System ( LAS ), as well as Business Analytics and Lending Mobility.

Sopra Banking – offers financial institutions a better way of launching their products and keeping them superiorly positioned, for increased profit margins.

Siena by Eurobase International Limited is packed with features. E-trading functions, multiple price feeds, cash flow displays and reports are just a few of the many.