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Best Banking Software For Your Business

Best Banking Software For Your Business

Banking is one the most lucrative business industries on the planet. With a zillion accounts, customers, and functions, it is no easy task for banks and other financial institutions alike to manage all things properly. This is where the software steps in.


There are literally hundreds of banking applications on the market these days, and all of them have the same primary goal – fulfilling the needs of various financial organizations. Knowing the complete set of features of a specific package is particularly important when it comes to purchasing banking software.

Below is a list of software most commonly used by customers worldwide.

Cleartouch is a web-based banking software that enables companies to manage their business through a single dashboard. It comes with a set of powerful analytic tools that let banks know the actual performance of their business. It allows the staff department to process customer information, transactions, and accounts. All work is done online, through a user-friendly interface.

Celerity Celerity – Many world leading banks and enterprises have this software on their hard drives. It’s a complete solution for credit cards management, payment information, and lending processes. It gives banking organizations speed and delivers a smooth customer experience.

Core Banking is a complete banking software solution. Platform is perfect for all sorts of financial organizations, especially the large ones. A bank seeking to maximize growth and increase productivity should look no further.

Cloud Banking is a cloud operated software providing innovative and profitable deployment models. It saves money by cutting down the often enormous cost of managing complex stationary systems.

FusionBanking – helps banks familiarize with the needs of retail and commercial customers, by incorporating the latest technologies. Its job is to increase customer value, and it does that by helping banks follow the latest financial trends on the market, and forcing them to update their operations accordingly.

FinnOne Neo – is an all-around solution aimed at providing banking organizations risk assessment and crucial decision-making assistance. Some of the more popular products in the suite go by the name of Customer Acquisition System ( CAS ), Loan Management System ( LAS ), as well as Business Analytics and Lending Mobility.

Sopra Banking – offers financial institutions a better way of launching their products and keeping them superiorly positioned, for increased profit margins.

Siena by Eurobase International Limited is packed with features. E-trading functions, multiple price feeds, cash flow displays and reports are just a few of the many.


Accounting Software For Small Companies

Accounting Software For Small Companies

When thinking about the best accounting software options, one can’t overlook the two crucial factors – affordability and ease of use. You have to pay attention to time-saving features such as automated entries.

software develop

Bill payments, financial and expense reports. Performing advanced tasks like data syncing in a simple, straightforward manner are also one of the things to be considered.

Here is a list of our top choices, with the evaluation criteria explained briefly.

originalAccount Edge Pro – comes with outsourced payroll services. You can transfer payment to your employees, prepare payroll taxes and track time. The software is available on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and mobile solutions. The cloud functionality is also supported.

FreeAgent – best for small businesses, consultants and freelancers alike. Many software products of this kind have their financial transaction options limited or grayed out unless you switch to a pricier, premium package. This one gives you unlimited options for one monthly price. Project management feature that helps you keep track of billable hours is one the program’s selling points.

GnuCash Free Accounting Software – if you do your business on a Linux powered machine, then this should be your primary choice. It is completely free and has all the features a small business could need. Expense tracking, financial calculations and reports, double entry accounting and more. It is also available on Android mobile devices.

Advanced options

Harvest – offers a simple platform that makes it easy for you to bill clients and get paid. Taking snapshots, storing receipts, generating reports and connecting with other business solutions like Salesforce and Basecamp is done with ease.

Hiveage – If you’re in need of software specifically tailored for freelancers and small businesses, Hiveage is the way to go. It gives you the option of choosing the features you want to include in your plan, so basically, you pay what you want. The free version gives you unlimited clients and invoices, but if you want to use the additional set of features, the price ranges from 1.95 to 4.95 bucks.

Hiveage image

Less Accounting – its name says it all. If you want to spend more time running your business instead of managing finances, this little program automates everything, from simple data entry to billing, so the hours once spent on accounting could easily be squashed into minutes.

Xero – the best accounting software for Macintosh based computers. It is affordable, easy to use and integrates with a bunch of other business solutions you may already have on your hard drive. It offers round the clock phone, mail and chat support, so you should feel safe if any problem comes up.


Expensive And Cheap Software Types

Expensive And Cheap Software Types

Software is a part of your computer that is visually nonexistent. You can only see the visual representation of it on your monitor, but you can’t actually see the sum of its parts. This is where the hardware steps in. It is an array of physical components carefully built and assembled to constitute a computer system.

Software keyboard

Motherboard, processor, keyboard, hard drive, those are all parts of your hardware. Software, on the other hand, lies deep beneath your computer case cover, hiding precious encoded information or simply a set of instructions that the physical part relies on.


The term software was born in the mind of a British mathematician and a cryptanalyst, Allan Turing. The man who cracked the infamous Nazi Enigma machine first came upon the idea of proposing the term.

And the first one who used it in this particular sense was the American mathematician John Wilder Turkey, in 1957.

Types and application

These are the most common computer software types:

– Application software. A program that is used for performing special tasks outside of the computer’s basic functionality. Web browsers, animation software, antivirus protection, 3D modeling are just some of the labels. Because of the power of today’s modern computers, the list could go on forever.

– System software. A group of programs used for operating the computer hardware. Their primary goal is to create a platform for application execution. There are three types of system software:

product-software– Operating systems. An operating system is basically a collection of software that manages computer resources. Supervisory programs, window systems, and little things called boot loaders, and shells are the fundamental organs of your system.

– Device drivers. These are a necessity if you want to operate a specific device physically attached to your computer. Everything you stick into your motherboard, so to speak, needs a corresponding driver to work properly. Every PC needs at least one input and one output device and these days, with all those gadgets on the market, you should be having a handful of device drivers in your machine.

– Utilities. Consider them as medical nurses of a PC environment. Their job is conducting a thorough and timely maintenance of your computer.

The last, but the least desirable form is malicious software. A program specifically developed to harm your computer.

When it comes to corporate and commercial applications, you will find software in just about any aspect of modern day living. Education, science, and healthcare are the most common fields benefiting from computer software application.


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